Welcome to Gilda’s Club Denver

NOTWelcome to the Gilda’s Club Denver web site. It is our hope to bring to Denver a meeting place where people with cancer and their families and friends can join with others to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care. Free of charge to members, Gilda’s Club offers support and networking groups, lectures and workshops, social events and fun activities – all in a comfortable home like setting.





What’s Behind the Red Door?

Gilda Radner in her Roseann Roseannadanna wig peeking around the red door is the trademark of Gilda’s Club. TheGCDLogo logo inherently depicts the spirit of humor and courage, welcome and warmth, and what Gilda had dreamt of creating in 1000 places.

  • A place where anyone may come and learn from others, having the same experience how to live with cancer.
  • A place where emotional support and laughter would be accessible to everyone touched by cancer, free of charge.
  • A place where no one has to be alone.

Gilda’s Club is that place.

With the community’s help, we can raise the funds to open a 6000 square-foot clubhouse in Metro Denver.

To learn more about Gilda’s Club Denver click the links at the top of this page. Or visit the Gilda’s Club Worldwide web site to find out about the unique Basic III ‘Plus’ programs offered and the location of other Gilda’s Clubs.

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